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Our Digital Marketing Services

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Production and Progress Feedback – Once we have been provided with all the necessary content and Keyphrases for the optimisation of the site, we will continue to liaise with you during the optimization process. There are a number of aspects we work on with your site during website optimisation. Below are some of the main areas we will be working on (our website optimisation services include all of these as well as other factors):

Link popularity building: – If you are looking for one way links or reciprocal link ,Let us take care of your link popularity building needs!, We will take care of all aspects of your link building strategy. Let us know a bit about your site needs and we will design a custom solution design for your site needs.

Directory Submission: Good amount of Directories listings can give your website a real boost in the search engine rankings & traffic. It has become a very important part of any website optimization strategy. This becomes even more important for those sites which have little page content for the search engines to index. A great way to get good one-way links is with our directory Submission service.

Blog Submission: We submit your blogs, RSS feeds to blog directories and sites accepting them.
We will provide you back a full report of the blog sites we submitted your feeds to

Article Submission: Article submission has become a standard in search engine optimisation strategies. You have written a great article, or hired professional writer to write unique article content for you, now what? Let us take care of your article distribution. Our experienced article distribution team will put give your articles exposure in front of the people who can be your potential clients.

Website copy optimisation – For a website to get high positions, it is important that its pages have key word-rich text the search engines can index. In other words, each optimised page should have enough plain text content that uses your chosen keyphrases. Working on key phrase density has proved to be a crucial part of website optimisation. There are a number of creative ways we can use to help make your site copy key phrase-rich.

SEO Statistic Monitoring Analysis

We have access to state-of-the-art SEO analysis software which delivers answers to questions such as:

  • Which keyphrases were used in the searches that led visitors to the website?
  • Which keyphrases resulted in the deepest visits to the website? (Shows key phrase effectiveness and relevance)
  • How many visitors have searched for our selected keyphrases?
  • What is the conversion rate of visitors?
  • What is the total sale achieved through selected the keyphrases?
  • What is the average sale per unique click?
Pay Per Click (PPC)

What sectors do The Support Zone manage search engine advertising for?

The Support Zone manages Search Engine Advertising campaigns across the following sectors:

  • Travel
  • Retail
  • Leisure
  • Recruitment
  • Finance
  • Telecommunications
  • Construction
  • Medical

Which Countries can I advertise within?

As well as providing pure UK or US based campaigns, The Support Zone can translate, implement and manage your search engine advertising campaigns worldwide.

How much does it cost?

Search engine click costs usually range from 10p – 50p per click depending upon market sector and individual search phrase. Our fees are based on a percentage of your search engine spend.

How much you budget is up to you. The more the budget, the more click throughs, the more leads, the more sales.

I already do Pay Per Click Advertising – What can The Support Zone do for me?

If you already do search engine advertising, please feel free to request an estimated CPC from us. Due to the way we manage our accounts, on moving their PPC accounts to The Support Zone, clients have reduced their CPC by 50% or more whilst at the same time increasing their ROI!

We achieve this by using sophisticated tracking systems, to ensure we only bid on the terms that work for you, and ensuring we drive the maximum amount of traffic from those terms. We can do this because we monitor every click through, from every search engine, every minute of every day and capture every sale and the profit from each sale that originates from Pay Per Click.

Please note, you do not sign a contract of any kind and you can start and stop advertising as you wish.


Setup Cost Includes

  1. Extensive Keyphrase research
  2. Competition Analysis (analysis of your competitors cost how much are they spending for top placements)
  3. Account setup of google, overture and / or MIVA
  4. Sorting the keypharses into more focussed and targetted Adgroups
  5. Writing the Adcopy, titles & descriptions for each AdGroup
  6. Writing second Ad copy for each AdGroup (Google rotates these ads equally this can help in increasing the effectiveness of Adcopy)
  7. Setup keyphrases & estimated “pay per click” (PPC) spend and average position per keyphrase
  8. Researching the negative keyphrases and add to each AdGroup
  9. Installing the conversion tracking code down to keyphrase level
  10. Setup daily spend amount per campaign and maximum cost per click per ad group
Trusted Feeds and Paid Inclusion

Yahoo! Search Submit Pro™ is available for large advertisers wanting to submit more than one thousand web pages for review. We provide an XML feed for these web pages.

Search Submit Pro is used by the websites to guarantee that all appropriate pages are quickly indexed and frequently refreshed to ensure timely inclusion of new content. The Support Zone feeds all of your appropriate pages through a XML product feeds in order to guarantee quicker indexing of pages by Yahoo!, AltaVista, AlltheWeb,, Excite and other top search engines that use the Search Submit Pro search database.

Key Features:

  • Find your content in Yahoo!, AltaVista, AlltheWeb,, Excite and more Guaranteed indexing into the Search Submit Pro search database that powers web search results.
  • Provided on a CPC (cost-per-click basis).
  • Web pages are added into the index within 15 business days. /li>
  • Your submitted pages will be re-crawled and updated every 48 hours.
  • Detailed Click-Thru Reports updated every 24 hours. Includes average rankings, query volume, keyword reports, URL status, exporting tools and more.

XML Interface – Feed static and dynamic-site data directly into search index, providing unparalleled flexibility and freshness.

Improves relevancy and rankings by stripping unwanted code and content from your web pages and presenting your content to the search engines as refined and structured data.

Fast & easy setup. No software to install. Little to no demand on your IT resources

Your keyword reports will be analyzed to develop highly optimized XML content feeds that target each of your key audiences. The Support Zone’s expertise in keyword research and selection, XML data feed optimization, geo-targeting and other advanced features from Yahoo! Search Submit Pro™ will produce a proof-positive return for your trusted feed.

Please remember: All URLs should pass initial and ongoing quality review to be included. Participation in the program does not guarantee rank in the search results pages (SERPS); rank is determined on the basis of quality and relevance to search terms

Affiliate Management

Affiliate Programs are among the biggest revenue generators on the web. If you are an online merchant selling services or products online and if you want to maximise your online business profits, you must start an affiliate program.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a revenue sharing system between one website (Affiliate) which features an ad or promotional content designed to drive traffic to another website (Merchant). The affiliate receives a fee based on the amount of leads, sales or traffic generated. The most popular affiliate programs in UK include AffiliateWindow, Tradedoubler,, paid on results etc. Affiliate marketing is also known by a series of names, including:

  • Associate Programs
  • Internet Affiliate Marketing
  • Direct Marketing
  • Partner Marketing
  • Pay-For-Performance Programs
  • Referral Programs

Affiliate Management Program Services from The Support Zone

With proactive Affiliate Marketing Management you will achieve a very high return on investment. At The Support Zone, we maximise return on your Investment by:

Analysing your current affiliate program and strategy

  • Targeting to potential affiliates – commission rate, cookie length and marketing material.
  • Reviewing monthly fee and your percentage commission override. Is it too high? Are there other Affiliate software programs that offer better deals?

Building your Affiliate base

  • Identifying websites with a focused user base to place your products on.
  • Contacting each potential affiliate and enroll them into your affiliate program.

Enabling your Affiliates to sell

  • Developing a one-to-one relationship with each affiliate so that they want to actively promote your products.
  • Promoting your product to every affiliate so that they place your products in a prominent and suitable position on their site.
  • Offering free marketing advice to each affiliate to maximise the potential sales from their site.
  • Sending updated product feed on a weekly basis.
  • Creating banners, text links and full promotional pages for every affiliate to utilise. We understand that you want the highest return on investment from your affiliate program. We also understand that an affiliate wants to earn as much commission from placing your products on their site. With a comprehensive Affiliate Marketing Management strategy you and your affiliates will maximise the sales of your products.
E-Mail Marketing
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IT Enabled Outsourcing
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