Application Development

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Our Application Development Services

Web Application Development

The Support Zone a leading Web Application Development Company. We offer bespoke web application development services including consultation, development, security, deployment and maintenance. We have developed several web applications for our clients in UK . Our clients range from very small to the small and medium size organisations. We always believe in delivering the quality solutions to all our clients
irrespective of size and nature of the job.

The Support Zone have designed from small web applications to most sophisticated business applications for many industries such as Leisure, Banking & Finance, Entertainment, Human resources, Administration, Retail and IT. Our applications has increased the efficiency, profitability, productivity and lower the manpower cost for our clients.

Our Bespoke web application Development Service

  • Bespoke Web applications
  • Bespoke business applications
  • Database-driven Websites
  • E-commerce portals
  • Web portals etc.

Web applications does not always relate to the website design & development. A web application uses the website as a user interface (i.e. front end). The benefits of web application software are given as follows

  • GUI (Graphical user interface)
  • Users can access the web based application software from any PC connected to the internet via secure server protocol (SSL) password protected Login area
  • Cost effective to install & maintain
  • Easy to integrate with existing infrastructures & platforms
  • A familiar browser based application
  • A cross platform system i.e. Run on all the platforms PC, Mac, Linux etc.

We have qualified and skilled development team with a experience in diverse web technologies including Open source platforms (LAMP, JOOMLA etc), Java platform (J2EE, Servlets, EJB, Java Applets, JSP), Microsoft Windows platform (ASP, ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#, Active-X, OOPS). Our team posses the below programming skills

Bespoke Software Solutions
The Support Zone offers complete bespoke software development solutions including consultancy, design & development services for small to medium size companies. We at The Support Zone understands that today’s business world is competitive & demanding therefore we suggest that custom software solutions is the right solution for you to make your business processes automated & manageable. When off-the-shelf software packages cannot meet your requirements then, consider the following benefits from our custom software solutions

We provide tailored software applications to suit the growing requirements of small & medium size enterprises. We develop solutions for almost all industries such as retail, finance, accounting, entertainment, leisure and many more. Our solutions fit to all types and sizes of industries starting from only a one man company to thousands of employees organisation. We always believe in exceeding our customer’s expectations and always deliver within the deadlines and specification.

Bespoke Software Development solutions help you in streamlining the business processes:

  • It saves your time & money
  • It saves resources by using the existing technologies
  • It saves you the cost of human resources

With so many years of experience in providing bespoke software development, our consultants are highly qualified & skilled to discuss & understand your requirements without all the intimidating techno-jargons. The Support Zone’s custom software solutions include but are not limited to the following applications

  • Internet / Intranet / Extranet solutions
  • Client server / desktop applications
  • Database design & development
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Mobile software applications

What are the Advantages of Bespoke Software?

  • Hardware and software to exactly meet your needs
  • Full support and consultation through all stages
  • Meets all your requirement
  • Easy to use. Bespoke applications can precisely match your working practices
  • Works the way you want it to work
  • Pay a one off fee regardless of the number of users. So it costs less
  • Bespoke applications increase productivity by automating repetitive tasks and introducing new methods of working.
    You become more competitive and can respond quicker to your customers.
  • Your own unique software will enable to offer unique products and services, with a unique “look and feel”.
Android /IOS Application Development

Make Native Apps

Convey gadget particular application encounters by building local applications with Xamarin. This element makes Xamarin the best cross stage application advancement programming

Compose Code Once, Run Anywhere

The greatest favorable position of Xamarin is that you simply need to compose code once in C# and utilize 100% same code in either iOS, Android or Windows

Diminished Development Cost

As you can utilize similar codes, you don’t have to burn through cash independently on various OS engineers.

Programmed Debugging Facility

This element of Xamarin decreases the quantity of bugs in a program.

Programming interface Integration

Engineers can join a similar APIs and UI controls in their individual stage particular programming dialects

Content Management Systems

A content management system is mostly a web based application used to manage websites and web content, but in many cases, content management systems require unique client software for editing and constructing the content.

Our Bespoke Content Management systems can be customised as per your specifications, the main advantage of bespoke CMS system is it would be specifically designed and developed to suit your requirements. We will analyse your existing systems, infrastructures and business processes to understand your business environment in order to deliver you 100% fit solution. Many off-the-shelf CMS systems are as complicated as ERP system, and learning them can potentially take weeks or even months depending on your knowledge and skills. Our CMS systems are as easy as using a word document.

We have two editions of web content management system

  • Small business edition
  • Enterprise edition

Small business edition: – Our small edition software will include the features required by the small businesses enable them to update live website(s). It is easy to use for small business users and can be used to manage the contents, template designs & documents of their websites. Small business edition content management system will include all the features your business needs to manage your website including the following

  • Easy to use- You can manage all the contents of your website as easily as writing the word document or sending an email
  • A GUI (Graphical user interface) editor to update the contents
  • A user friendly feature to upload pictures
  • Keeping the existing versions in the history if you want to revert back in case of a mistake
  • Search engine friendly- Our small business edition content management system creates search engine friendly pages to help small businesses to get higher ranking by the major search engines google, yahoo & msn – a vital source of lead generation for small business owners.

Enterprise user edition: – The Support Zone’s Corporate user edition is the corporate content management system pack with advanced features of any web content management solution provides the tools required by the corporate users to deploy and manage enterprise portal, intranet and extranet.

Corporate user edition is the most advanced, powerful & feature packed web content management solution (CMS) including

  • Intuitive, easy to use environment with global navigation, for non-technical users without any knowledge of programming languages.
  • Administrators have the ability to add/modify/delete content sections, site structure, and content workflow.
  • Search engine friendly title tags & meta tags management
  • Web Life-Cycle Management – A facility within the system that provides the ability for content managers to approve and validate content before it goes live on the Web. They can also control the time a content element goes live, the day and time is it removed from the site, and the locations on the site that the content element appears.
  • Store previous versions of content and maintain editing history. Quickly archive, view or rollback to any historical version of content as needed.
  • Administrators have the ability to add/edit/delete users, groups and permissions.
  • Document Management System
    • Categorisation, Index & Search
    • User & Group access controls
    • Secure downloads object
    • Manage multiple domains and websites
CRM Solutions

CRM – Customer Relationship Management Software solutions provider in England, UK

Why Use CRM

CRM means managing the customers, suppliers and automating the customer communications. A CRM program will allow a business to get more customers, better service, and to measure the customer service quality standards. A CRM program helps in facilitating communication with customers in a number of ways:

  • Provide product information
  • Technical assistance on web sites which are accessible 24/7
  • Make a strategy for each customer based on his expectations & requirements.
  • Allows you to respond to sales calls or complaints faster. (Complaints that are resolved quickly can increase customer satisfaction).
  • Find possible problems quickly.
  • User-friendly system for record customer complaints
  • Provide a fast mechanism for correcting service deficiencies (correct the problem before other customers experience the same dissatisfaction).
  • improve efficiency for managing customer support

Use of Customer Relationship Management software for small and medium enterprises has grown very much in the last few years and now it has become very affordable. There are many types of off-the-shelf CRM solutions available in the market contact management software; small business CRM; CRM service management solution; business CRM solution; E-CRM OR web based CRM; mobile access CRM etc. But The Support Zone only offers bespoke CRM (Customer relationship management) solutions to small & medium size organisation. Our user friendly Bespoke CRM solution can be tailored to meet your exact requirements.

E-CRM: – Our e-CRM solution is an advanced web based Customer Relationship Management solution that brings businesses closer to their customers. E-CRM allows you to provide true customer care and added value to your customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our E-CRM provides a range of functionality automatically integrated with customer database and makes information accessible anytime anywhere. It can help businesses to manage customers database efficiently and follow-up the sales leads. The Support Zone CRM will offer the several advantages over off the shelf CRM products some of them are listed below

Improve sales effectiveness & pipeline management

  • It can be deployed very effectively in pre- and post-sales customer support or service, to manage, analyse and report on customer problems.
  • Our CRM software is a very powerful management tool for all customer communications and interactions; it also manages supplier relations, as well as those of 3rd parties like consultants or inspectors, so the system can link all elements to provide the user with an “end-to-end” view of every business issue.
  • Contact Management – Manage all your accounts contact info in a single database. Unified views of all related information (tasks, leads etc) for each Contact and Account.
  • Activity Tracking/Scheduling- Schedule follow-up activities with prospects. Helps your salespeople keep your pipeline warm and close more sales.
  • Reports- Instantly generate online summaries for key metrics like sales pipeline, sales performance, and outstanding opportunities.
  • File Storage- Get convenient online access to all your important marketing materials and key customer documents stored in your CRM database.
  • Search Engine- Easily search for customer contact info, cases, and any other key info stored in your CRM database.
  • Opportunity Tracking- Track open sales opportunities from start to finish. Keeps sales team organized and provides real-time views of your sales pipeline.
  • Calendar- Daily, Monthly, Weekly, or Yearly View of each users upcoming appointments and activities. Schedule management ensures staff are not mistakenly scheduled for more than one activity in a given time slot.
  • Portal Feature- Integrate all your web applications within the interface. Create custom tabs for each application in the navigation menu–easy access to all your web based tools.
  • Case Tracking- With case tracking, service staff can increase customer satisfaction by always having access to key info about each outstanding customer request. If a staff member assigned to a case is out, another staff member can immediately pick up the case and ensure that customers’ needs are met.

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